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Pure Products

Few manufactured products have an authentic feel to them today, but to make sure that all D-BAT products promote their tagline "keeping the pure in the game" these faux wooden product tags carry the theme across like a pro. With a wooden texture against dark navy blues, these tags are sure to hit a home run with D-BAT customers.

Love Justice . . . and Coffee?

This new mug designed for the team at Thrive Rescue Home for their Justice Shoppe is beautiful in it's simplicity. Simple and to the point the mug says "Love Justice" with a stylized heart and arrow to finish off the look. A must for anyone wanting to help support a great organization and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Talkin' Turkey & Baseball

While family is preparing a feast, kids can take advantage of the holiday break by improving their skills in this three day Thanksgiving Clinic hosted by D-BAT Allen in Allen, Texas. Featuring a prime Tom Turkey complete in baseball helmet this flyer is a big hit with players and their families.

Attention Shoppers!

While you shop, drop off your baseball player at the Black Friday All Aspect Camp at D-BAT Allen. What better way to get your Christmas shopping completed while your little player is also having a great time and improving his game! With black and reds to mimic the purpose of the information holiday this flyer packs a big punch in a small package.

Inspiring Dreamers

For those that have dreamed of being self-employed this ad is sure to help them go from dream to reality. With facts and figures on owning your own D-BAT Franchised location, the blacks and bright yellows and greens are a quick attention-grabber for those scanning the magazine in which it appears.

A Note for All Occasions

These notecards, created by Paige1Media for GSL Kids ministry of God's Shining Light Church in Tulsa, OK are a card for any occasion. Featuring the GSL Kids logo on the outside complimented with the bright colors and Tulsa landscape, the card is blank on the inside so that it can serve multiple purposes.

Call in Case of Emergency

This call for the Emergency hotline of High Plains Medical Center is the perfect addition to a wallet or handbag. The card highlights the emergency after-hour number available to patients and the general public when they are experiencing a mental crisis and need a little extra help dealing with life. With calming tones and clearly legible numbers the card is the perfect asset.

Texas Highschool Baseball Magazine Ad

Showcasing special product sales and recent world champion teams from D-BAT, this full page advertisement will appear in Texas Highschool Baseball Magazine early next year. With bright colors, strong graphics and eye-catching headlines the ad is sure to be a hit!

Happy Birthday for Kids

The children's ministry at God's Shining Light church want to make sure that the children in their group are remember on their birthday. These bright, colorful postcards do just the trick! Featuring the GSL Kids logo and bright paint splatters, Happy Birthday is featured in a brush stroke font to complete the ensemble.

Justice First

These minimalist cards pack a powerful punch. For The Justice School in Thailand, this business card showcases the logo with a focus on the contact information of the card owner, to make a simple but profound statement.

Best of the Best!

For the first year ever, D-BAT is awarding the outstanding members of their organization with their 'Best of the Best' awards. Part people's choice and part outstanding achievements the awards the best of the years awards is a brightly colored, energetic award competition for 2014!