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Enjoy These Samples of Our Recent Work!


Three Days of Glory

Gracepointe Church is hosting two Supernatural Events! To get the word out, Paige1Media has designed an elaborate, festive postcard. Featuring on the left-hand-side, “Faith Encounter”, the right-hand-side features the “3 Days of Glory” event. Both sides have speakers and the dates of the events portrayed. The backgrounds are bold and interchanging, allowing for excitement for the events to be drawn just by looking at the card. Perfect for sending out in the mail, these postcards are bound to draw attention!

Lean Matters

Paige1Media designed a new logo called, “Lean Matters”. Integrating the colors of orange, purple, and grey, this logo has the perfect balance. Featuring a representation of a human leaning forward, with swirls around him, shows that it’s a process that goes around and around. The swirl closest to the human illustration, has leaves flourishing - allowing for the audience to get the sense that what you put in, can result in a production of growth. With a simple title, the logo produces a deeper representation of what it means when saying, “Lean Matters”!

Write Your Best!

Wilson Writing Specialties has a fresh new look! "Newer Questions. Deeper Thinking. Better Stories" all lead to the kind of work that the company specializes in - writing in a way that brings the best out of professionals and entrepreneurs. From a new website to new business cards, the company is ready to work! Paige1Media designed these business cards, keeping their motto in mind. Intermixing colors of green and light blue, the front of the business cards have an abstract feel to them. A transition in fonts from light to bold, allow for the final words to be left remembered. Keeping the same theme in the back, the contact information peeks through, in an arrow format. Simple, yet classy, these business cards are the perfect resource to have when making a connection.

Zirkle Ministries Logo

Paige1Media creates a bright, professional logo for Zirkle Ministries. With gradient colors of aqua and grey tones, the logo is modern and ready for use. "Zirkle" stands out in bold typography, as "ministries" lays underneath, in smaller letters. Perfect for print or media, this logo is the way to go!

Music and Miracles

Tulsa Life Team hosts an evening of Music and Miracles. Featuring country-western band, Halo Jordan and ministers, Larry & Angela Keeton, the evening is bound to be one that is remembered! Matching the western theme, paper and wood illustrations fill the background of the front postcard, making the perfect backdrop for text overlay. In a design of three circles, the band and ministering partners are featured with bold typography displayed underneath. The back features part of the theme that is displayed on the front cover, but ends at a guitar, making the perfect stopping point for the design and allowing room to put a receivers address and a stamp. What a fun and creative way to invite people to the event!

Blueprint for a Dreamer

"Blueprint for a Dreamer" is a book written by Cliff Graham. The cover is designed by our very own, Paige1Media. With a blueprint background and a structure of a house featured on the cover, the design gives a great representation of the theme. Standing out in white, against the blue background, is the typography that also matches the look, by having a sketch feel to it. With a captivating cover, the content is just as inviting, drawing the reader in.

The Guide Inside

Mark Brazee comes out with the publication of “The Guide Inside: Find, Follow, & Fine-Tune God’s Direction”. Designed by Paige1Media, the chapters feature topics from the “a race to run” to “positioned to follow God”. Encouraging his readers with Biblical scriptures and reflections, Mark Brazee’s publication brings practical principles to life! Specific phrases are designed to stand out throughout the text, in gradient text boxes and bold lettering.

Two for One!

Two companies, one team, one goal: Helping you reach others without breaking your budget! Collipsis and Paige1Media partner together to do business! Both companies provide a few of their services, combined, in a magazine ad. A discount is provided in the lower half for RHEMA Students of 20% off. The ad is printed in black and white, providing a professional look. With a two-for-one deal, what more can you ask for?

Tongues - Language of the Supernatural

Paige1Media designs the typeset of "Tongues - Language of the Supernatural" for Janet Brazee. With a layout of 94 pages, this typeset is split up between three chapters: A Gift for You, Benefits of Praying in Tongues, and The Bible Pattern to Receive. With bolded chapters and subheadings, the typeset has the perfect layout to expand the knowledge on the Language of the Supernatural.

Hire ORU Grads!

HireORUgrads.com is a website helping ORU graduates connect with potential employers. The website is the bridge between two parties that can benefit from each other. To help advertise the website, Paige1Media was asked to design a t-shirt. Using Oral Robert’s University colors of gold and navy blue, the t-shirt is the perfect walking advertisement. ORU typography stands out in white, against the gold and navy blue. With bold lettering and spread out text, the t-shirt has a fun, youthful appeal.

Sharing the Good News

Global Impact Ministries shares the good news of what God has been doing through their ministry, through a newsletter designed by Paige1Media. The front page features a recent trip of Mark Bowling sharing the Good News in India. Spread throughout the newsletter are the colors, orange and blue, that match the logo. Features of stories are previewed on the lower half of the front page, allowing the audience to be quickly familiarized on what content will be shared. Opening up the newsletter, the viewer can read the testimonies provided and see the pictures that reflect the news being shared.