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Fundraising with Feathers

Calling all runners! With the wide-spread focus on 5k runs sweeping the nation, schools are turning to the races to provide much needed funding. Such is the case with the 5th annual Turkey Trot. Getting a new makeover the 2014 race promises to be the best one yet! With the blue ridge mountains in the background, the logo highlights a sprinting turkey with a fun, playful font sure to please children and adults alike as they run for their school!

Fitness Strength Conditioning

Paige1Media designs informative flyers for D-BAT Tulsa, informing current and potential clients of the Fitness Strength Conditioning that will be available with Matt Sorrells. The flyer's background features weights, providing the perfect representation of strength training. Below the bold, blue title, Matt's name stands out in dark, cursive text and even below that, are his his certifications. Contact of D-BAT Tulsa is emphasized in a box form throughout the bottom of the flyer. Great for handing out, these flyers are the perfect introduction of the trainer and course.

D-BAT Thanksgiving Flyer

On Thanksgiving, there are many reasons for which we should be thankful for; one of them being the Big 3 Day Camp that will be hosted by D-BAT Tulsa, at least that’s what the players can vouch for! Paige1Media designs a flyer to help spread the news of the specific dates and the primary focus for each date. Thanksgiving Break stands out in cursive text, against a bright red background. Each day is featured in bright yellow text and the cost is circled, making all the details be known to the audience. How to get in contact is made easily visible, on the bottom of the flyer. Making a statement, a turkey displayed above the text, brings your attention back to the top.

Revival Weekend Flyer

Paige1Media designs flyers to be handed out about the “Revival Fire Weekend” at Berean Fellowship. The front provides information on how to locate the church, as well as an image of Pastor and Revivalist, Ken Gott, with detailed information on who he is. The dates of the events are provided right above the image of Pastor Gott, along with a background image of a congregational meeting. Tones of yellow and red outline the text and provide the perfect accent to these flyers.

This is That

Faith Christian Fellowship will be hosting “This is That” event on October 16 and 17, 2014. Paige1Media designed a postcard, helping the event be made known. Featuring an image of the galaxy in the background, with contrasted colors of blues and purples, provides for a modern look. The event name is bolded, to stand out, along with the dates of the event. The back features the logo and the host, along with information of where the event will be held. An outlined image of the host stands out against the same background that was featured on the front.

Christmas Break Camp

Tis the time to be jolly! Christmas season is upon us and making the best use of this time, D-BAT will be hosting Christmas Break Camp. Paige1Media designs flyers to be handed out. Displaying a festive border, the text “Christmas Break Camp” stands out against a bright green background and bold, cursive letters. Below the title are costs and dates of the camp. The bottom of the flyer provides contact information, along with D-BAT’s logo. Creative, yet not cluttered, this flyer is the perfect handout.

Save The Date!

New Adventures are always new beginnings! Nick will be venturing off to Hillsong College in Australia. Paige1Media designs postcards to get the word out about a day to hang out and wish him well with his travels. Displaying an image of joyful Nick on the backside of the postcard, details of the venture are outlined in bold text, along with a map of Australia. The front side of the postcard emphasizes on Nick’s musical background, along with the date which friends and family should reserve to spend time with him. The postcard is the resource for the perfect farewell.

Revival and Reformation

As winter approaches, Christmas festivities will be in full swing. Dedicating the first few days in December, Renaissance Church will be hosting a “Reformers Pledge Conference”. Paige1Media designed brochures to help lay out each session and the times for those coming to the event. Event details are provided on the back in bold purple text, against a black background. The inside of the brochure provides a registration for those coming to the event and information on the event speakers. Bright colors outline each name, making the design bold and catching your attention!

Revival Weekend Event Poster

Berean Fellowship is hosting a weekend Revival Fire event with Pastor & Revivalist Ken Gott. These two revolutionary days will sure leave the audience with something to think and reflect upon. Posters designed by Paige1Media allow the news about this event to spread. Featuring the pastor with a illustration of a church, the poster is unique and inviting. Red and yellow tones accent the fonts and make them stand out. Wonderful to hang in a sanctuary bulletin, these posters are bound to draw attention.

Abundant Life Conference

New Life Church of Cary in North Carolina are hosting the Abundant Life Conference that’s scheduled from September 19-21, 2014. The special guest for the event will be Doug Mcghee. To help spread the news, Paige1Media designed postcards to be used to be sent out. The front displays an outstretched field with a abundant tree. Intermixed are bold and thin typography, allowing for main detailed to be emphasized. The back features the address of the church in a green rectangle, with the logo of the conference, underneath. The scheduled times are below the logo and information on how to find the event on Facebook, is provided. Simply beautiful, this postcard is the perfect resource to hand or send out.

Day of Caring!

Tulsa Police Auxiliary and Make A’Move Housing Association team up together for a Day of Caring! Helping to bring improvements to housing on September 5, 2014, Paige1Media designed a t-shirt design to be printed on t-shirts, that will be used to give out to those who are helping with this event. Creatively incorporated into the design of a house are cutouts of working tools that are used for renovations. The event name is under the illustration in bold typography, allowing it to stand out.