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Enjoy These Samples of Our Recent Work!


Tournament Special

Paige1Media designs a new flyer for D-BAT, featuring the Tournament Special. A grungy blue background outlines the main content. Bright, bold typography makes the titles to really stand out. Keeping the style, baseballs are incorporated as bullet points, adding to the feel of the design. Information of contact information is provided in a text box, in the footer. The cage rental special is featured on the right-hand side, with a ticket style design. Overall, the flyer is a great advertisement resource that can be handed out anywhere, at any time!

Worship Services

Full Gospel Assembly of Queens has a bright and inviting flyer, designed by Paige1Media, calling all to their worship services. An image of a girl, outreaching her arms to the sky - a sense of freedom portraying through it. A faded image of the church is incorporated on the right-hand side, with the service times displayed. Bright typography of red and yellow hues, makes the invitation more compelling.

Tag It!

D-BAT has a new way of packaging their bats: with a hanging tag, designed by Paige1Media. Portraying their signature look with the outline of a red baseball, against a leather background, the tag will make the perfect accessory for the product they will be attached to. Bold typography allow the Select Series to stand out. Only thing left to do is to tag it!

Impacting Communities Through Music

Renaissance now has a School of Music! Renaissance calls everyone who is interested in making an impact through music, to come to the orientation on June 12th. With a very youthful design, Paige1Media, makes the perfect flyer for the event. Bright contrasting colors, outline the image of a DJ making music. The background provides an introduction to the instructor, along with detailed information on the course. Eye-catching, this flyer is bound to attract the audiences.

God Loves You!

Paige1Media designs a creative business cards for Wood River - Assembly of God. Matching the theme of the logo, a silhouetted tree peaks through from the left side of the business card. With a soft, natural texture in the background, the look is pleasant to the eye, allowing your attention to be drawn to the text in the right hand corner: "Something extra to show you that God loves you".

Language of Faith

"The Language of Faith" is a newly released book by Mike Keys Sr. Paige1Media was asked to design a tipsheet for potential readers to get futher information on what the book is about. On display is the book cover, itself, on the upper left-hand corner of the flyer. Right below it, is a text box, featuring more information on the author, himself. Specification and the description of the book are provided in a column on the right side of the flyer. With the content balanced out, the tipsheet is the perfect resource to have when displaying the book. It allows the reader to have a quick preview on the book and author, before actually indulging in the good read. Hues of tan and browns, allows for a natural feel, making the design easy on the eyes.

After the Storm

Word & Spirit Publishing publishes another book, called "After the Storm". To help get the word out, Paige1Media teams up with the publishing company to design a tipsheet, providing more information on the book. The book cover is featured against a background of storming clouds, allowing for the theme of the book to really stand out metaphorically. With hues of mint green incorporated, the tipsheet holds a sense of calm, even with the stormy background portrayed. There's always a sense of calm after the storm passes. This tipsheet is the perfect resource to hand out or be placed near the published books, providing the readers an insight before actually purchasing the book.

Share My Name

Paige1Media designs a tipsheet for "Share My Name". Displaying the book on the left-hand side, the specifications of the book, along with the description are featured on the right-hand side, allowing the perfect balance of information. Against a neutral light grey background, the bold, red headings stand out. The publishing company logo rests in the corner, big enough to see, but subtle enough to not take away the attention from the actual published book.

2014 Summer Camps

Summer Camps are drawing near. To let players know about the upcoming events, D-BAT has asked Paige1Media to design flyers notifying the event details. With a design featuring D-BAT's signature baseballs, faded into the background, included throughout are bokeh flares. Bold text helps the headlines stand out, allowing the eyes to be drawn directly to the main text. Perfect for letting the news out, are these newly designed flyers.

Tons of Rice

Tons of Rice is a "feed the poor" initiative in Thailand. Paige1Media designed two sorts of logos for the initiative, in Thai and English. Displaying a full bag of rice, with bold text, the meaning behind the initiative really stands out. Incorporating swirls of different colors, adds to a  bright look to the design. Strands of wheat is creatively incorporated into the swirls, adding to the final touch of the whole look.

Simple Elegance

Paige1Media does a wonderful job designing an ad in a magazine, featuring "Excellence with Simple Elegance". With neutral colors of white, grey, and purple - the design is colorful, yet not over-the-top, carrying a sense of calm to it. Cursive typography adds to the elegance of the design with a faded image of a flower blending into the background. Allowing the author to stand out against a colorful text box, the whole look of the design is the perfect representation having the publication be on display.