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Enjoy These Samples of Our Recent Work!


Share My Name

Paige1Media designs a tipsheet for "Share My Name". Displaying the book on the left-hand side, the specifications of the book, along with the description are featured on the right-hand side, allowing the perfect balance of information. Against a neutral light grey background, the bold, red headings stand out. The publishing company logo rests in the corner, big enough to see, but subtle enough to not take away the attention from the actual published book.

2014 Summer Camps

Summer Camps are drawing near. To let players know about the upcoming events, D-BAT has asked Paige1Media to design flyers notifying the event details. With a design featuring D-BAT's signature baseballs, faded into the background, included throughout are bokeh flares. Bold text helps the headlines stand out, allowing the eyes to be drawn directly to the main text. Perfect for letting the news out, are these newly designed flyers.

Tons of Rice

Tons of Rice is a "feed the poor" initiative in Thailand. Paige1Media designed two sorts of logos for the initiative, in Thai and English. Displaying a full bag of rice, with bold text, the meaning behind the initiative really stands out. Incorporating swirls of different colors, adds to a  bright look to the design. Strands of wheat is creatively incorporated into the swirls, adding to the final touch of the whole look.

Simple Elegance

Paige1Media does a wonderful job designing an ad in a magazine, featuring "Excellence with Simple Elegance". With neutral colors of white, grey, and purple - the design is colorful, yet not over-the-top, carrying a sense of calm to it. Cursive typography adds to the elegance of the design with a faded image of a flower blending into the background. Allowing the author to stand out against a colorful text box, the whole look of the design is the perfect representation having the publication be on display.

7 Steps to a Quality Decision

Paige1Media designs a modern look for a book cover for Buddy Harrison's "7 Steps to a Quality Decision". With a blueprint of seven steps leading from right to left, the design allows for the title to be engraved in the mind after one glance. Simple, yet straightforward, this cover is the perfect design for the book cover.

Leave it on a good note!

Leave it on a good note! What great advice to have with stationary that represents the company so well. Designed by Paige1Media, Dust Divas has a letterhead that allows to communicate with its customers in a written fashion. Displaying the illustrated image of three Dust Divas on the bottom right side of the letter, the logo of the company is displayed on the top right side, providing a balance in design. A zebra pattern graces the footer of the letter, allowing the contrast to really stand out against the hot pink background.

7 Keys

A red, tan, and black rustic design lines the cover of the "7 Keys to Living Long, Well & Happy". Faded out into the background is an image of a gentleman in a field, with a smile gracing his face. It's not always the grand things in life that make you happy but finding happiness in the simple things.

Summer Fun!

Paige1Media designs a fun and creative sports logo for Metro Summer League. Featuring a baseball as the "o", the logo has the theme creatively interwoven into the design. A gradient of red is displayed throughout the design, making a bold statement. Perfect design for the league, the team is ready for summer.

Glorious Encounter

Renaissance has a special Easter service scheduled for April 20th. Paige1Media designs a festive and bright postcard for Renaissance Church. The true essence of Easter is displayed through a cross illuminating in the blue and purple sky. The title of the event is described in bright yellow, bold typography. The back features the details of how to find the church and what performances will take place in the service.

Experience the Reality

Renaissance goes under a makeover! Paige1Media designs a new look for Renaissance. With a modern take to it, the typography of the R stands out with a multicolored background, in a sphere. The church's motto "Experience the Reality of God" graces the logo, underneath. Simple, yet modern, this new design really adds to the logo.

Safe Passage

Paige1Media designs an event booklet for Berean Fellowship Church. Displaying a path in the midst of a ranging storm, the image perfectly displays what will be discussed at the event - Safe Passages. Pink hues line the background image, along with the typography. Perfect for the event, the booklet provides a way for the audience to follow along.