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Enjoy These Samples of Our Recent Work!


Born to Ride

Created for NLWC The Priesthood and God's Shining Light, this design was created to promote a fundraiser to raise money to benefit motor-cyclers. With white tire treads on the borders and a bulldog wearing a biker hat on the lower right, the design is sure to invoke feelings of biking on the open road.



Nothing Will Be The Same

This flyer sets itself apart through kaleidoscope type patterns, floral designs, and pastel primary colors - unique aesthetic choices for an Easter themed design. The final product is sure to resonate with your clientele in an uplifting and positive way.



All Aspects

Bright oranges and yellows convey the sunny and beautiful weather associated with the springtime in this design. The text is aligned to the left of the flyer to not distract from the imagery of a player practicing in an open field.



Chains Will Be Broken

The booklet for this women's conference encompasses the important message taught throughout, much like the design itself. It imagery and color choice will appeal to anyone impacted by the conference itself.

Break Every Chain

These empowering posters are the ideal way to promote your women's conference! With a central image of a broken chain and complimenting purples and pinks, the impact of the conference's message is made clear with its design.


The York Difference

When commissioned by Paige1Media to design their business card, the York Brothers did not require a complicated demand to promote their business, and it shows. With a gold and grey color scheme and a single logo, this design promotes their business with simplicity and style.

Shine a Light

A bright yellow gradient is the primary focus of this design, befitting for an event centered around God's light in our lives. Complimented with a shade of burgundy, you will find this postcard will promote your event with radiance.

Support Your Troops

Studded with a camo pattern and imagery of military tags, this design will make you show appreciation for the men who fight every day for our country. The flyer is completed with a stenciled, militant looking font that completes the overall aesthetic.

Simplistic Solution for Professional Work

Pro Insulators called upon Paige1Media to create a straightforward yet appealing design to promote their business, and it shows on this postcard. Relying only on a two color scheme and imagery, the card gets the point of the business across efficiently.

Catch a Ride

A black and orange color scheme and the graphic of an electric guitar placed in the upper middle of the stationary sets the mood for this design. Promote the location and pricing of your touring event with style!

Honoring and Reaching

This postcard utilizes a combination of reds, blues, and blacks to create a bold, eye popping design that will be sure to capture the attention of your clientele. Cursive and modern typefaces grace the design to create a pleasing visual identity.