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Enjoy These Samples of Our Recent Work!


Fall Break Camp

Fall Break will be here before you know it! Paige1Media designs a Fall Break Camp Flyer for D-BAT Tulsa. Illustrated leaves are portrayed falling from the top of the flyer. Allowing white space to be the primary goal, allows for your attention to be drawn directly to what is displayed in the center of the flyer, and that’s the details of the camp. Interchanging between burgundy to brown to orange within the text, allows for a more autumn look. A baseball graces the lower right side of the flyer, allows for the objective of the camp to be visually displayed. It's time to get ready for camp!

John Torres TV Logo

John Torres TV has a new logo, specifically designed by Paige1Media. Bold letters of JT stand out, as swirls envelope those letters, creating a circular design. "JohnTorres.tv" stand out in bold, modern typography. John and TV are in blue, whereas Torres stands out in grey. Putting all the elements together, the logo is professional and ready for use!

Happy Birthday Leslie!

A birthday is a memorable and special event for anyone! Paige1Media helped make this day even more memorable. Designing a birthday flyer for Leslie Stephanie Chelsea, Paige1Media came up with a elegant, yet modern design to get the word out. A swirling banner gently flows down, from the top to the bottom. For the edges that face the audience, information about the party is incorporated into the banner. Swirly leaves peak out from the sides, allowing for that elegant look to be portrayed. From all of us, Happy Birthday!

The Lighthouse Cafe

The lighthouse has always been viewed as a comforting sign, guiding ships to harbor in safety. The Lighthouse Cafe has a new logo. Featuring a red and blue lighthouse standing out in the middle, a banner embraces the name of the cafe. A swirly, circular design is in the background, allowing for a complete look of the logo. Matching the colors of the lighthouse, the text interchanges between navy blue and red. Simple yet elegant, this logo design is the perfect representation of the cafe, thanks to Paige1Media.

Make A' Move Brochure

What is the best resource to have in hand, when wanting to expand on your company? A brochure! Paige1Media designs a very informative and colorful design for "Make A' Move Housing Association". The front cover features a father holding a child in his arms, with the motto of the company right above both of them. The inside has a variety of images in various sizes, allowing for a visual representation of the content to be provided. Bold typography allow for the titles to stand out and have the audience have an easy way to scan over the information.

Make A' Move Business Cards

"Make A' Move Housing Association" has a new look. Paige1Media designed these bright and colorful business cards. Yellow hues fade in from the right, where the left features a branch of leaves. The company logo is straight in the center, with the motto of "We Care About People!" right below it. Contact information is displayed over a green background, allowing for easy contact.

Social Service Resource Guide

Paige1Media designs a professional cover for "Social Service Resource Guide" by Purin Williams. Simple and to the point, the cover features the state of Oklahoma and a quote inside the state. Against the yellow background, green tones provide the perfect contrast and balance. Bold letters stack the title up and allow for your eyes to be drawn directly to it, at first glance. What a great modern design!

The Source: Budgeting, Credit, and Housing

When budgeting becomes overwhelming, Purin William's "The Source: Budgeting, Credit, and Housing" is the perfect go-to! The cover designed by our very own, Paige1Media, displays the same theme of the series of leaves peaking through the side, with orange illustrations faded out into the background. A pen pointing to a series of numbers, provides the perfect representation for the content. An overlay of the same image, this time in color, is shown embraced in an image of a house. Perfect for the book, this cover is bound to get attention.

The Source: Education & Employment

Paige1Media designs a book cover for "The Source: Education & Employment" written by Purin Williams. Leaves embrace the top of the cover, as background illustrations of a house, car, a family, and sun are faded out in the background. A calm and neutral look, allows you to pick up the book with ease. Matching the background colors, greens and orange hues are incorporated into the font.

Make A' Move!

Paige1Media makes a move! Designing a large banner for "Make A’ Move Housing Association", the banner has a feeling of spring and summer intermixed. A ray of sun is hitting through the trees, in the background image. Bright tones of yellows and greens are incorporated in the text. Bullet of yellow circles, allow for the important information to stand out. A little child, holding a stuffed animal, peeks from inside a moving box, while the mother kneels next to her. Allowing you to get one step closer to attending the workshop, this banner is the perfect resource to display to the audience.

BCAP Annual Pink Carpet Event

Paige1Media designs a very elegant and bright brochure for the BCAP Fund. BCAP is hosting their sixth annual Pink Carpet, a survivor brunch and fashion show in August. A lady in pink is displayed on the front flap, walking down a runway. Cursive typography allows for a feminine, classy feel to the brochure. With blues and pinks incorporated throughout the text and background, the brochure is bright and contrasting. A short preview of Angela's story is provided on the inside, along with a thank you shout-out to those who somehow are benefiting the event. The perfect touch to the event, this brochure is the perfect piece to hand out.