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CD Inserts, Sleeves, Galore!

Recently Paige1Media took on a new design effort to enrich bookstore media displays. These sharp inserts and matching labels are sure to add both cosmetic and monetary value to merchant operations. Some capture a zest for life while others honor the beauty that is God's creation. Take a look at all six titles and envision yourself holding our timeless designs while listening to your favorite sermons.





















Space Invasion

World-renowned speaker and ministerial leader Mark Brazee can be found on nothing less than a cover of cosmic proportions. His latest book Invasion of Glory captures the awe-inspiring glory of God’s power and presence on Earth. Paige1Media incorporated a slightly ethereal typeset and prism effects to match the cover’s imagery. Take a look at this captivating book design.




The Three Rs of Card Design

Reaching. Restoring. Reviving. Not quite what you'd expect if someone were to give you advice on how to design a business card, and yet it worked seamlessly for Troy Bailey Ministries. Capturing the essence of the ministry with three powerful words, the card itself is able to communicate much more through its design and underlying message. An added depth is provided by the logo and some informational touch points on the reverse side. While card design may not always follow a principle of Three Rs, it certainly helps to be clear and succinct, utilizing limited space in a way that draws out great designs.

Whoot Whoot?

You may be asking yourself, “What exactly is Hoot Hoot Press?” We asked ourselves that and came up with this: Books for everyone. Anytime. Anywhere. To be exact the clever startup is everything you need to covert your favorite literature into portable pleasures, namely that of Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iPad, and similar devices. Paige1Media carved this urban texture with two coffeehouse grind designs. Even the typeset says, “Let’s do biscotti’s and a warm roast over this classic.” Take a look at their custom logo and business card.

[Insert Your Work Here]

Mountz Media & Publishing is a family-owned and operated Christian publishing company founded by Matt and Kaye Mountz. Through a series of connections, Paige1Media teamed up with the one-of-a-kind publishing house to bring to life several of its own large-scale projects. To return the favor and reinforce the duo’s partner relationship, Paige1Media designed a custom business card with edgy proportions. Take a look at the script typeset and matching imagery on this design.

You CAN Pray

Dana Shrader needed something more than just a colloquial way of expressing the contents of her latest book You Can Pray. Paige1Media recognized the potential for a positive cover design and delivered one. Bleeding from right to left, grinning from corner to corner is the face of an optimistic, encouraging expression of faith. The contrasting use of color really drives the picture of the work home – You Can Pray.




Life to Logos!

Life Givers International Ministries is committed to helping people see and experience the life-giving presence of Jesus. They were so stunned by Paige1Media's ability to capture the meaning behind its mantra in logo conception that it chose not one but two unique designs! The first features a glowing sphere and strong typeset that pops right off the page. The second embraces its grassroots organizational style emblemizing the call to give. It’s your call now – which one speaks to you?








Unlimited Marketing

Church Unlimited approached us for array of custom marketing essentials, designed by Paige1Media. CU is skillfully placed to stand out among the crowd in the high tides of church growth and expansion. Retrofitted for today’s demanding market, bold drop shadow elements and a hip logo bring the “cool factor” to any brand space. Take a look at their custom business card, door hanger, invitation card, envelope and letterhead designs.



Who Is Bob?

The Apocalypse of Bob is a fictional story piece written by Caleb Brabham, Oral Roberts University alum and South American missionary. Paige1Media offers up a daunting bookmark design to enhance the author's foreshadowing storyline. Set in motion as the world perils, Sellia is left to uncover life's meaning and divine love as she explores what remains in the chaos through the eyes of Bob, a shoe salesman killed in the cataclysm. Dive into the realms of the unknown by visiting Caleb's site and discover the forces that battle for your existence.


New Design Product!

Paige1Media is proud to offer Bookmark design for authors and businesses looking for a free giveaway that is useful and doubles as a contact piece. Include your web address, book information and basic contact info. Also keep in mind that bookmarks make a great pocket sized advertisement that can actually be used and well received by your customers.

Paige1Media to be featured in Harper Collins Release!

A recently designed book by Paige1Media will be one of the featured books in an upcoming release from Harper Collins Publishing, "The NEW Big Book of Layouts" scheduled to hit stores in May of 2010.

"Splinters" was selected based on the cover design and interior layout design of the 160 pg, full color book that has pictures weaving throughout the layout—making it more reader friendly and setting the bar for designers everywhere.

The book boasts great layouts are the beginning of all effective visual communication. This 384 page book will showcase only the best layouts in a variety of disciplines, including publication design (books and magazines) to print design (menus, brochures, posters) and more.