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Enjoy These Samples of Our Recent Work!


Parent's Night Out

Parents are offered a night out with this new flyer designed for multiple D-BAT locations. This flyer features a heart-shaped baseball and shades of red, creating the perfect balance between fun and romantic. A script font completes the look and makes this a night parents will want to take advantage of!

An Elegant Program

Empowered 21's event in London this year featured an elegant and beautiful booklet for the attendees. Using contrasting blues and oranges, this booklet is modern and simple, keeping the focus on minimal design and the important information about the conference inside. The design was accented by the use of many photos within the piece, creating a booklet that was sure to draw eyes.

Name Your Price

It's time for D-BAT's big blowout sale, and they're announcing it beautifully with a flyer design by Paige1Media! D-BAT Tyler encourages visitors to "name their price" and offers concessions to attendees. A large shopping bag is the focus of this design, creating a fun graphic element that is sure to draw attention.

Festive and Fun

Similar to the flyer designed for D-BAT San Antonio North, this flyer designed for the San Antonio West location is fun and bright. Featuring a turkey graphic and a baseball background, this flyer is both festive and functional. The colors work together nicely, creating the perfect pair with the other flyer while still remaining distinct. 

Boomerang Change

Paige1Media set out to design the book cover for "Boomerang Change," a new book by Greg Wallace. Taking an illustrated route, Paige1 delivered with a look that is artsy and fun. A boomerang is the highlight of this design, using light and complimentary colors to complete the look.

Season of Thanksgiving

With the arrival of fall comes the arrival of Turkey Camp, a fun "All Aspects" camp coming to D-BAT San Antonio North. This 3-day event is the perfect way for baseball lovers to celebrate the holiday season. Featuring fall colors and a turkey graphic, this fun design is sure to catch the eyes of baseball fans of all ages.

Dreams into Reality

This fun new book cover designed for Greg Wallace's new book, "The End Of Hallucinations," is bold and fun. Bright colors work well with big text, creating a dreamlike feeling that is perfect for the message inside. This book is sure to pop off the shelf for any viewer.

Rustic and Patriotic

On November 8, Scooter Park invites you to vote for him. This fun and modern postcard invites the viewer to join Scooter on his "Listening Tour" in his journey to be re-elected as State Representative of Oklahoma. Using a wood background and red, white and blue, this postcard is sure to elicit a feeling of patriotism, perfect for what his message is all about.

Small but Intriguing

This bookmark, advertising Nikki Hanna's new book "Capture Life," is simple and beautiful. Giving a small synopsis of the book and a bio of the author, this bookmark gives just enough information to c the viewer. With the use of this as a bookmark, this piece is sure to remain on the forefront of the readers' minds. 

Event in Autumn

Victory Church of Hattiesburg hosts Making His Praise Glorious!, a two-day event happening at the end of October. An autumn theme is displayed throughout, using orange and yellow hues to create a cohesive look. Large script text completes the design, creating a look for the event that will not be forgotten.

Functional and Fun

The Significance Woman's Conference is coming to Pittsburg on November 18th. Using bold colors and a mix of fonts, this poster is functional and fun. With special guest speakers and multiple rates available, this is a conference you won't want to miss.